6-steps to Easy Dance Dress Shopping

Shopping for the perfect dance dress can be a little overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from! And so many more possibilities if you are choosing a custom made dress. Either way, here are 6 tips to help to make the process easier.

Think of what is the best style for your body type. Which part of your body you want to show off and which part would you rather keep covered? Most of the time we are too critical to our bodies and see things others wouldn’t even noticed. It’s helpful to find experienced dress designer you can trust, to tell you, what looks the best on you. Don’t hesitate to try on few different styles of dresses even if you wouldn’t pick them out at first. You might be pleasantly surprised. Dancewear is very different from regular clothing and it takes a little time getting used to it. But after a short adjustment period you will find very exciting to experiment with dance fashion! 

Even with artificial tan (if you use one) having the right dress color for your skin tone is very important. Some colors can make you look pale and washed out while others can make you look amazing and stand out on the dance floor!  Knowing your right colors will make choosing the perfect dress easier. Wearing the right color will make your whole look harmonious and people will notice how amazing you look in the dress.

The right fit makes all the difference in how you feel in the dress. Dance dresses are made from very elastic fabrics and the dress should be hugging your body nicely and not feel uncomfortably tight. Bra cups and straps are easily adjustable, but fit of the dress might be hard to adjust especially when the dress is too small.  If you are thinking of purchasing already made dress, always try to move in it, before you buy it. Make sure you can move your arms, legs and bend your body in all directions without any distraction and limitation of the movement.

Even if you don’t understand technical side of sewing, it’s easy to see if the dress is made well. You shouldn't see loose threads hanging, frayed edges or broken seams. Ideally the dress would be double stitched for more durability. Check the quality and quantity of material. The quality and complexity of decoration, rhinestones and other embellishments. Try to avoid buying very inexpensive dresses online, most of them are poor quality made out of thin fabrics and fake rhinestones. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.  

PSE (Personal Style Expression)
If you like the dress to compliment your personal style expression choose one that’s in harmony with your style ( maybe you feel the best in classic elegance, romantic style or more of a dramatic look ) looking for a dress in the same category will enhance your personality on the dance floor and you will feel comfortable wearing it.

If you are a beginner thinking of trying a dance competition you might be overwhelmed with selecting the right dress for yourself. It certainly is an investment and you want to make a wise choice.  My suggestion is to start simple and slowly build up your own desire of what the perfect dress looks like for you. Simple and elegant dresses are always in style and are also easiest to resale.
If you are an advance dancer you most likely already have a few styles you like and know what works well for your body. Some advance dancers create their “signature look" which can be anything from wearing similar style of a dress in different colors or same color in variety of styles. Some dancers like to wear decorative hair pieces and jewelry that match the dress perfectly and also decorate each pair of shoes to match with each outfit. You can be truly creative here and have anything you desire. Don’t be afraid to be completely original and own your style!

Just embrace who you are and show it!
Happy Dancing!