What is YOUR Signature Color?


Maybe you never thought much about the color, but I can guarantee that colors have more impact than you can ever imagine! Each of us has a unique skin tone. Finding the colors that best complement our natural tone brings out our special beauty. When you are wearing your best colors, you will not only look younger and more vibrant, but also have more confidence because you KNOW you’re dressed in your most flattering colors! 


Why color matters?

Color is a powerful tool for communication; it serves as a signal to others to tell them who we are. How do we know what each color means to us? Try taking a look at wardrobe, notice the colors and see what emotions and thoughts it brings to the surface. Color attracts attention, but also creates an emotional connection and attitude. Simply put, there is a lot you can say with color and it’s wise to use color to your advantage.


What is Color Analysis?

Personal Color analysis is a method of determining the colors that best compliments your skin tone, eye and hair color. Knowing your best colors provides guidance in choosing the most flattering clothing, accessories, and makeup.

This does not mean you can’t wear certain colors, we can wear almost any color…it’s the shade and intensity that counts. In color Analysis we determine Hue, Value and Chroma of colors.

After establishing tones, each person falls into one of four seasonal categories: Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn. If you are cool then you are either Winter or Summer. If you are warm you are Spring or Autumn.

But even then we go into more details as each person is unique in their coloring and value and chroma of colors plays very important role in getting your unique color palette for flawless look.


What is the Color Palette?

A Color Palette is a small fan of your 40 best colors, custom made just for you. Of course there are way more colors that are the right choice for you, but this palette will give guidance on determining how to recognize the right shades and how to combine colors together. You will also see which colors enhance your skin, hair, and eyes and which are perfect for makeup, jewelry, and accessories. This little palette will last you a lifetime, comes in a small case with helpful booklet, and its one of the best investment you can do for yourself.


What are the benefits of knowing your best colors?

The right color will complement your natural coloring and your skin will look brighter, younger and healthier. The right colors will give you more confidence and help to create flattering, coordinated, easy to put together wardrobe. With Color Analysis you will learn which contrast levels look the best on you, which makeup colors to choose and how to coordinate accessories and jewelry. Additionally understanding the meaning of colors will help you to communicate clear message to others and use the colors to your advantage.


Do I need Color Analysis for dance?

Yes! While it’s true that as dancers, we often apply artificial tanning products and heavy performance makeup, wearing the right colors will still make a huge difference!

Do you want the audience to notice you or the dress you are wearing? You may be wearing the most beautiful costume, but when the colors is off, people will be complimenting the dress rather than how YOU look in it. When the color is perfect for you, the style and design can be quite simple and still make a huge impact on your overall appearance. 

Yes that’s how important the right colors are!

No more guessing what should be the color of your next dress.

Message me to schedule your color appointment and see for yourself, what can the right colors do for you! I promise it’s a life changing experience!