What it takes to become a CHAMPION!

Roseann never had any intention of becoming competitive dancer. But after taking few dance lessons with her husband, dancing quickly grew into her passion. Rose has since achieved the title of National Champion in Gold Rhythm category at the National Dance Sport competition in Orlando.

Fort the past 4 years, Rose has been dancing with professional dancer Petr Polak (which also happens to be my husband). Over the years we’ve created wonderful relationship, and I have gotten to know Rose personally. I have always been so impressed by how hard Rose works at her dancing; she takes practice very seriously. I view her positive attitude and patience as a big part of her success…she just simply never gives up!

In addition to daily practice, she also focuses on healthy diet and lifestyle to keep her energy levels up.

I would like to thank Rose for this lovely interview, and I hope it helps and inspires others to find their way to the wonderful world of ballroom dance.

Happy reading!

What inspired you to begin dancing?  

Rose: I started ballroom dancing with my husband in 2012. We enjoyed dancing together and loved the people we met at dance classes. After a while I also fell in love with the competitive part and performing group and solo routines.

How often do you practice, perform, and compete? 

Rose: I take about 6 lessons a week and practice at least 45 minutes a day while I juggle full-time work and a busy family life. Besides lessons, competing is the best way to improve, and I try to compete once every 6-8 weeks depending on my schedule.

Which styles of dance do you do? 

Rose: The two styles I dance are American Rhythm and Smooth.

What has been your biggest success in Dance Sport so far?

Rose: I am most proud of placing first at Emerald Ball in Rhythm scholarship and championship this past year. As well placing third in Silver Smooth scholarship at the Embassy Ball! It was an achievement after two years of very intensive Smooth training and practice!

Another success was second place at USDC Championships in Florida in senior Rhythm scholarship from a semi final and first in our gold Rhythm championship becoming National Champions!


What do you like about Dance Sport? 

Rose: I love the process of learning and working towards a goal and meeting many wonderful people along my dance journey! 

Are there other things you do to stay in shape and have energy to practice? 

Rose:I try to keep my strength and energy level up by walking, and taking dance strength training classes!  

What is your strategy to achieve a great results? 

Rose: My instructor is experienced in pro-am; Petr Polak is an excellent dancer with many years of dance experience. He is very patient, encouraging, honest and wants the best dance outcome for his students. He is also able to break down every step to make it more understandable for his student and is okay with repeating things to me. Petr teaches me how to practice, and - the most important part - makes it fun!

We also do coaching with another instructor about once a month which is beneficial for both student and teacher.


Who helps you with the dance costumes?

Rose: Petra Polak has been my dress designer for over 8 years (and sometimes she also assists with our coaching). She knows color and what type/style of dress will help me look my best on the dance floor. I love all the dresses she has made for me. Each one is uniquely designed and has been a winner!

What would be your advice to someone who is just starting to dance? 

Rose: My advice to anyone starting to dance is to select an experienced instructor who is patient, knowledgeable, available, honest, and  trustworthy. It also helps if they have a sense of humor, a kind heart and are willing to grow with you in the partnership! But more than just your instructor, it's important to have a good team: instructor, coaches, dress designer and hair/make-up!

Check out Rose and Petr's fun Swing routine from Desert Classic Championships here!