Rental Policy


Once you've selected your dress, Petra Designs will contact you for details and pricing. After communicating, a Rental Agreement will be provided with relevant pricing, fees, and dates.

Customer agrees to pay the full rental price, for the rental length of 5 days (7-days for non-local orders) or the number of days agreed upon.
Deposits of $100 must be paid to reserve each dress and will be credited toward the full rental price.

Full payment of the rental fee is due 7-days prior the event.

Refundable security deposit of the full amount in a form of a check will be held until the dress is returned.
A 7-day cancellation is required on dress placed on hold for an event. If 7-day cancellation is not met, the deposit is considered forfeited and non refundable.
Petra Designs accepts payment in Cash, Personal check, Cashier’s check or via PayPal or Zelle. Please, make checks payable to Petra Polak.



  1. Dresses must be returned by the “due date back”.
  2. Customer is responsible for late charges at $100.00 per day, up to full value of the dress, if the dress is not return on time.
  3. Refund of security deposit is contingent on late charges and damages resulting from unauthorized alterations.
  4. Minor repairs will impose additional deductions from the security deposit and customer may be required to pay additional charges if the damage exceeds the deposit, but will not exceed the full value of the dress.
  5. Repairs will be charged to customer if dress is returned damaged; not to exceed full value of the dress.
  6. Customer agrees not to alter dress without the express written consent of Petra Designs.
  7. Petra Designs is not responsible for any wardrobe malfunctions, ballroom scores, or injuries that may occur due to wardrobe malfunctions.
  8. Rental fees may be applied toward the purchase of a dress specific to the dress rented.
  9. The use of any tanning products that stain the dress are prohibited. If the dress is returned stained, charges will be assessed up to the full value of the dress, if the dress does not come clean.
  10. All dresses are rented in “AS IS” condition.
  11. Customer agrees to pay all applicable fees associated with the rental.
  12. Customer must not attempt to clean the dress after the event. Petra Designs is responsible for cleaning the dress and the cleaning fee is included in the rental price.