Colors That Look GREAT on Anyone!


Are you looking for universally flattering colors that look great on most women?

Of course there are exceptions, but in my personal experience these colors look great on most skin tones.

It’s always the shade and intensity that makes the difference.

If you are a red-head or a clearly warm dominant color category, you’ll need to choose the warmer versions of these colors, such as red with yellow undertone.

If you have silver or gray hair or are clearly cool dominant color category, you’ll need to choose the cooler versions of these colors such as red with blue undertone.

If you can’t quite tell which category you belong to, these following colors will most likely work well for you!



Bright and lively, this color will stand out on the floor and does suit from light to dark skin tones and variety of hair colors. Aqua sits between green and blue on the color wheel which makes it neutral and suitable for most skin tones. Aqua brings out the sentiments of revitalization, youth, and dreams.


Green is not as common color on the dance floor. However teal combines the calming property of blue with renewal qualities of green and looks wonderful on all skin tones! What a great rejuvenating and revitalizing color! Associated with serenity, calmness and clarity.



Blue is generally the most loved color in the world. It has a great versatility and is one of three primary colors.  Adding more yellow creates green, adding red will make purple. Always a great choice for the dance floor! The symbolism of the color blue is representing elegance, loyalty, and truth.



This is very flattering color for any skin tone.  If you don’t feel comfortable with black, navy is the color to wear. Slimming, classic and neutral. Navy blue represents elegance and stability and is less attention-seeking than lighter shades of blue.




Purple balance of red and blue complements everyone’s complexion quite nicely. The color purple is often associated with nobility, luxury and ambition. Bold and striking, this color is always a great choice for the dance floor!




My personal favorite! Who doesn’t like this beautiful soft color? I have yet to see a person who doesn’t look lovely in this shade of purple. Violet combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. Represents creativity, sensitivity and magic.




While you can fine tune the shade of red to perfectly fit your season type, true red is universally flattering. It’s eye-catching, powerful, and attractive. Be bold and go for it! Wear red color when you want to look energetic, determined, confident and sexy!  



Burgundy is elegant, timeless and sophisticated. I don’t personally see this color on the dance floor often, but when I do, this color definitely stands out to me. It’s not as bright as True Red is, but still makes an impact and looks feminine without being overpowering. Burgundy red gives energy in a thoughtful way and is instant confidence booster.


If you are not sure whether any of these colors will be the right choice for you, contact me for your personal Color Analysis session. Learn more on Color Analysis in this Blog post. Or contact me to schedule your consultation.

Looking forward to hear which color is your personal favorite!

Thank you for reading!